Hybrid and virtual events

We provide you with the technical backbone for your hybrid or virtual event on a turnkey basis. We take care of everything: sound, mixing, cameras, remote connections, lighting, presentation technology, screens and video equipment.

Whether it’s a complex, multi-day international hybrid production, a cost-effective single-camera interactive webinar, or anything in between, we’ll help you with a courteous, thoughtful and confident approach!

Would you like to focus on the essentials instead of technical tweaking?

Why order hybrid or virtual event technology from Scene Arts?

We start the preparation of your hybrid and virtual events by choosing the right platform. Our first recommendation is always the Eventee platform, which enables an incredibly versatile event experience for visitors both remotely and live. The platform is easy to use, has a high quality feel and can be customised to match your brand. It includes a landing page, a browser-based event page and a mobile app. The platform includes networking tools, a programme map, the possibility to integrate multiple live streams in different rooms and much more. You can find out more about the platform here. We can also help you organise ticket sales, registration systems and access control.

hybriditapahtumat ja virtuaalitapahtumat

In addition to the platform, we can take care of all the technology your event needs. We’ll record your event as a multi-camera production, connect remote speakers to your event, make sure the sound doesn’t leak, provide the right lighting for your video cameras, and so on.

But the technical execution is only the starting point. It’s vital that there’s a good working relationship between the client and the technology provider – for example, the client needs to be able to trust that emails will be answered on time.

We also see it as essential that the client is working with confident and courteous technicians who are able to solve problems efficiently. Hybrid and virtual events create high expectations of success, which is why they are so memorable. To ensure that the expectations loaded onto the event are discharged, providing positive energy and good mood for everyone, the technical backbone of hybrid and virtual events should be ordered from Scene Arts!

We deliver hybrid and virtual events with a polite, thoughtful and confident approach.

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How does a virtual or hybrid event usually work?

1. Get in touch and let us know what kind of event you are organising. It doesn’t matter if there are still a lot of open questions. We’ll be happy to help you outline the overall concept.

2. We will make you an offer and an implementation proposal

3. An initial meeting and a written technical production plan based on the initial meeting. The production plan includes a general preparation schedule and a technical checklist that summarises everything we need. This way you don’t have to guess.

4. Entering the content into the event platform, setting up the registration system and other preliminary preparations. You can moderate the event platform yourself if you wish (Eventee).

5. Building the technology for a virtual or hybrid event. Often the day before the event.

6. Production implementation. We take care of the platform as well as the technology.

7. Dismantling of the event and feedback discussion; how well did we do?

8. Delivery of any materials compiled from the event afterwards.



We use market-leading event technologies in our hybrid and virtual productions. The Eventee event platform enables both small and large events. Participation is easy with a web browser or mobile app. For the organiser, Eventee provides all the technical features needed for a successful event.

What are hybrid and virtual events?

A hybrid event is an event that can be attended both physically at the event venue and remotely using a range of interactive tools, the most important of which is the possibility to follow the event via livestream. In a virtual event, the audience participates only remotely.

The possibility to participate remotely is also key to reaching a much larger audience, as the participant can fit it more easily into his/her calendar. In addition, the maximum number of remote participants is practically unlimited, and the growing number of spectators does not significantly increase costs.

Both hybrid event and virtual event offers a more efficient way to deliver an event.

Hybrid and virtual event technology from us, next steps


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