Oulu in the Village 2023 – Opening ceremony of Oulu Days at Raati Event Park


City of Oulu

Background information on the event

Oulu once again invited Oulu residents and visitors to the city’s event park Kuusisaari on the first Friday of September. The Oulu in the Village festival charms, engages and guides new and existing Oulu residents to the secrets of their hometown. The annual event in Kuusisaari is free of charge and open to all.

The Oulu in the Village Festival is part of the Oulu Days.

The starting point of the production

The City of Oulu put the sound, lighting and image technology for both stages of the Oulu Village Festival out to tender. In addition to a large sound system and impressive lighting technology, the main stage needed a large LED screen suitable for outdoor use. The second stage would be inside the tent.

In addition to the technology, both stages needed stage management.

Our solution

We provided the sound system, lighting, stage management and a 5 x 3 m LED screen for both stages.

The production was carried out by Scene Arts’ team of seven professionals in collaboration with our partners.