Conferences and meetings

We provide conference and meeting technology as a complete solution. This includes projection technology, screens, microphones and sound systems, video conferencing systems, remote access arrangements, livestreaming and various interactive tools.

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Why order conference and meeting technology from Scene Arts?

Conference and meeting technology must work discreetly and flawlessly. It must be as flexible as possible to suit the content and operated with thoughtfulness and confidence. However, technical execution is only the starting point. It is vital that there is a good working relationship between the customer and the technology provider – for example, the customer must be able to trust that emails will be answered on time.

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We also see it as essential that the client is working with confident and courteous technicians who are able to solve problems efficiently. Meetings and congresses are expected to be technically flawless and any challenges should be resolved quickly. To ensure that the expectations placed on the event are discharged, generating positive energy and good spirits for all, it is worth ordering your meeting and congress technology from Scene Arts!

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Event technologies

We use market-leading event technologies in our hybrid and virtual products. The Eventee event platform enables both small and large events. Participation is easy with a web browser or mobile app. For the organiser, Eventee provides all the technical features needed for a successful event.

Why conference and meeting technology is important?

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Functional technology offers a wide range of benefits for the organisation of meetings and congresses. First of all, communication becomes easier and clearer when presentations and speeches run smoothly. Secondly, cooperation between participants is facilitated by smooth integration of remote participants, for example. A well-functioning technology also automatically contributes to participants’ engagement with the subject matter, by focusing their attention on the essentials. In addition to this increase in efficiency, a meeting or congress equipped with effective technology allows for full remote participation, which is much less resource-intensive than on-site participation.

Effective conference and meeting technology also has a direct impact on participants’ perception of the quality of your organisation.

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