Video production

Scene Arts is a specialist in AV production for events, offering its partners video production outside the event context.

We are a trusted production resource, offering video production as a technical partner to communication, marketing and advertising agencies. This can include, for example, filming, recording and editing services.

Professional video production

Companies can achieve significant added value through professional video production. Communication using video is perceived as clearer and can engage viewers more effectively than text or photos alone. Not only are videos more memorable, but they also reach a wider audience on social media platforms.

Here are some examples of videos where we can offer our expertise and support to communication, marketing and advertising agencies:

Product or service videos

These videos focus specifically on a company’s products or services, showcasing their functionality and benefits. Well-executed product and service videos provide additional information and engage the customer’s interest.


Customer Story Videos

Customer story videos showcase customer experiences with a company’s products or services. A customer testimonial video is a powerful tool for building trust and guiding a purchase decision.

Training and how-to videos

Such videos can be aimed at both staff and customers, providing instructions on the use, installation, maintenance or other processes of products or services. Training and guidance videos increase customer satisfaction.

Recruitment videos

Companies use videos of their staff to attract new employees. The video can showcase the culture, benefits and opportunities of the workplace. Engaging employee experience videos bring in more quality job seekers.

We deliver video production services with a courteous, thoughtful and confident approach.

Video production – process

Commissioning a video production from Scene Arts is easy. We have outlined our production process here:

1. Request for Quotation

Please contact us and let us know your requirements for video production. It’s okay if you don’t have a specific plan for the production yet – you can also just tell us what you want to achieve with the video.

2. Request a quote

Based on your wishes, we will make you an offer and a price for the production.

3. Start-up meeting

Once your offer has been accepted, we will hold a planning meeting with you to brainstorm, create a preliminary shooting schedule and listen carefully to your wishes. If necessary, we will suggest possible solutions to any outstanding issues. We also want to discuss the main objective of the video.


4. Production

The video production will be carried out: filming, recording, logistics, lighting, etc.

5. Editing phase

We start by making a rough draft of the video so that you can comment on the final result. Based on your comments, we will finalise the video and deliver it to you as agreed.

6. Evaluation

We will be happy to have an evaluation discussion on how well we have served your objectives. At this stage at the latest, it is worth considering a longer-term video production partnership. It is a long-term video production partnership agreement that will deliver the best results.

A long-term video production partnership is the way to achieve the best results.

Video production from us in the following steps


Request a solution

Contact us and tell us what kind of production resource your company is looking for. At this stage, you are not committing to anything, but you will receive valuable information.


Let’s create a solution

Together, we will create a partnership programme for the technical implementation of your video productions that meets your needs. We will price the video production so that your company makes a reasonable margin.


Focus on sales

You can say “yes” to increased demand without worrying.


Ask for a solution!