Streaming services – video and live streaming

We provide you with turnkey streaming services that are exactly what you need. Whether it’s a complex, multi-day international live production, a cost-effective single-camera webinar, or anything in between, we’ll help you with a courteous, thoughtful and confident approach!

Would you like to focus on the essentials instead of technical tweaking?

Why order streaming services from Scene Arts?

The technical execution of a strip is built on a seamless balancing of countless different elements, and it takes a wide range of skills to pull it off. However, technical execution is only the starting point. It is vital that the collaboration between the client and the technical implementer works – for example, the client must be able to trust that emails will be answered in a timely manner.


We also see it as essential that the client of the stream is working with confident and courteous technicians who are able to solve problems efficiently. As with any event, a lot of expectations are loaded onto a production, and that is why they are so vividly remembered. To ensure that the expectations loaded into the stream are discharged, providing everyone with positive energy and good vibes, it is worth commissioning Scene Arts to handle the technical implementation of the live stream!

We carry out our streaming services with courtesy, consideration and confidence.

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We use market-leading event technologies in our hybrid and virtual productions. The Eventee event platform enables events both large and small. Participation is easy with a web browser or mobile app. For the organiser, Eventee provides all the technical features needed for a successful event.

Streaming services – benefits?

Livestreaming is a powerful tool. It allows companies and organisations to reach a wider audience and engage their target audience through a variety of interactive tools. The overall cost of a live event is often significantly lower than a live event, as there are no costs for travel, meals, venue rentals and accommodation, for example. Live broadcasting also allows for a much more efficient use of time, both for the participants and for the staff of the organising organisation.


It can be used to provide quality customer service – for example, by answering the most frequently asked questions of the target audience or by presenting services and products. By building a personal connection with viewers, live video can reinforce brand image and demonstrate professionalism. Live broadcasts can also be harnessed to drive growth on social media platforms by providing interesting and engaging content.

Of course, streaming services are also a tool to increase sales. Participants can be targeted with offers and advertisements, and presented with products to encourage them to make a purchase.

A well-organised live streaming production is also an excellent starting point for planning hybrid events.

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