Scene Arts – what do we do?

We provide total technical and technological solutions for remote, live and hybrid events with a polite, considered and confident approach.

We manage remote connections, live streaming, meeting technology, sound, lighting, video, stage setups, webinars, podcasts and other versatile av-tech packages to enable productive and experiential encounters.

In addition to technology, we build a bridge between digital and real world through event platform solutions and custom integrations.

Scene Arts – who do we work for?

Our clientele includes both seasoned professionals in the event industry and those who may be organising their very first event. We tailor our client communications to suit the situation, and we welcome you even if you’re not sure what kind of technology your event needs.

Our focus is on events for companies, organisations, projects, associations, universities and public bodies, which require a courteous technical producer who is interested in the value proposition of the event and its organiser.

Our vision – where are we going?

Scene Arts aims to become an internationally trusted, versatile AV production company for events. We enable productive and experiential encounters and communication situations, bridging the gap between the real world and the digital realm.

Our mission – why we do it?

We enable.
Events are always the highlight of people’s lives. Technology that works is a prerequisite for a successful event experience. So we enable the highlights of people’s lives.

We facilitate.
We get to play our part in making a difference: to the business of companies, to the reach and engagement of organisations, to the communication of important information, to the learning of new things, to the well-being of people meeting each other.

We get excited.
This industry is our thing. We love doing events and working with technology.

Why choose Scene Arts?


We will conduct ourselves in a manner befitting the value of your event, dress neatly, and our equipment is presentable. We treat event attendees like our own customers. We are easy to reach.


In addition to our technical expertise, we can provide visionary audiovisual solutions, and compose intentional ensembles. We strive to understand our clients’ business to outline the big picture and purpose of the event. The purpose of technology is to add value to you and your organisation.


We work with confidence. You can be confident that your event will be the highlight you deserve.

Event technology with a polite, considered and confident approach!

Management team

Joonatan Niemi

CEO, technical producer, Founder
Oulu office

+358 44 501 0062

Niilo Paavola

CFO, technical producer, partner
Tampere office

+358 45 885 9339

Kalle Hautamäki

Art Director

+358 40 7044 563

Scene Arts – Ilkka Kaikuvuo

Ilkka Kaikuvuo

Advisor, partner

Arto Remes

Advisor, partner

Our clients’ experiences

It’s easy to implement event technology with us! Here’s how.


Request a solution

Contact us and tell us what kind of event you are organising. At this point, you’re not committing to anything, you’re getting valuable information.


We work with you to develop

We take a holistic approach to developing the technical implementation of your event.


Enjoy your event

We take care of the implementation with courtesy, consideration and confidence. We want you to achieve your goals and make your event a highlight for everyone!


Ask for a solution!