Lightning design

We provide lighting design for your event with a visionary approach. Façade lighting, room lighting, colour lighting, performer lighting, stage lighting, show lighting… Everything is possible!

Why order lighting design from Scene Arts?

Lighting an event requires both equipment and professionalism. It’s not enough to just bring lights to the venue, you also need vision in their placement to ensure that the whole serves the client’s objectives for the atmosphere of the event. Often you can do more with less, as long as the planning is done properly and the equipment is chosen according to need.

That’s why our team includes an Art Director who oversees the visual quality of productions, consults with our project managers and, where necessary, is involved operationally, especially for larger productions. We also carry out computer modelling of the lighting, if necessary, so that the client can see what the end result will be. We take a considered approach to lighting design and promise that our event lighting will enhance the quality and dignity of the event.

Valosuunnittelu ja valaistuksen toteutus

However, the technical execution is only the starting point. It’s absolutely vital that there is a good working relationship between the client and the technical contractor – for example, the client must be able to trust that emails will be answered in a timely manner. The customer should be working with confident and courteous technicians who are able to solve problems efficiently. Events are loaded with expectations, which is why they are so memorable. To ensure that these expectations are discharged, creating positive energy and good vibes for everyone, you should commission Scene Arts to design the lighting for your event!

Lighting design for your event with a polite, confident and thoughtful touch. Prudence also means aesthetic understanding and artistic vision for lighting implementation.

Why is lightning design important?


There are several reasons for the proper implementation of event lighting. In addition to directing the audience’s attention to the desired objects and ensuring that there is sufficient light in general, the choice of colours, shades and compositions has a significant impact on the atmosphere of the event. People enjoy light, and the use of lighting gives the visitor a more memorable experience in a positive way. Lighting is an elegant way to showcase your organisation and its brand colours.

Lighting design is eye-catching, and it’s worth making the most of the distraction that lighting can bring.

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