Event production

Event production for the technical and technological needs of your event. Especially for remote events and hybrid events with a focus on remote participation, we serve you with an event production approach.

If necessary, we have a reliable event producer in our network for your event, who will work with you to make your event a memorable one.

Why commission event production from Scene Arts?

Event production is the responsibility of the event producer. This includes overseeing the overall concept of the event, booking the event space, coordinating the various aspects of production (one area is event technology), budgeting the event, marketing, logistics, scheduling, and so on. It is particularly important that the event producer has a good ability to cope with pressure. The producer must be a good communicator and a creative problem solver.

Outsourcing event production, for example from the organisation’s marketing manager to an event professional, makes sense, as it can take a huge amount of time and money to produce an event without experience.

Event production from us in the following steps


Request a solution

Contact us and tell us what kind of event you are organising. At this stage, you are not committing to anything, but you will receive valuable information.


We work with you to develop

We take a holistic approach to developing the technical implementation of your event.


Enjoy your event

We take care of the implementation with courtesy, consideration and confidence. We want you to achieve your goals and make your event a highlight for everyone!


Ask for a solution!