Public events

We provide everything you need for public events: sound solutions, lighting, stage structures, presentation systems, screens, video projectors, event photography and videography. We also offer an agile, mobile Eventee event platform with moderation for your event. Our technical team is dedicated to customer service and has a wide range of expertise.

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Why order your public event technology from Scene Arts?

The technical execution of a public event is built on a seamless balancing of countless different elements, and it requires a wide range of skills to pull it off. However, technical execution is only the starting point. It is vital that the collaboration between the client and the technical provider works – for example, the client must be able to trust that emails will be answered in a timely manner.

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We also believe it is essential that the client has a team of confident and courteous technicians who are able to solve problems efficiently. Public events are charged with a lot of expectations, which is why they are so memorable. To ensure that these expectations are discharged, providing positive energy and good vibes for everyone, it is worth commissioning Scene Arts to handle the technical side of the event!

We carry out public events with courtesy, thoughtfulness and confidence.

Public events – why pay attention to technology?

Event technology is directly linked to your audience’s perception of the quality of your event. Effective audiovisual production plays a major role in creating a more engaging and memorable event experience. It increases the attractiveness of the event, enabling, for example, higher ticket prices and revenues. Especially for events where participants pay explicitly for a first-class experience, the effectiveness of audiovisual production is critical. Functioning technology also increases sponsors’ interest in attending the event.

Appropriate sound reinforcement, mixing, lighting, screens and video effects create the framework for a high quality and clear audiovisual event experience. Good technical implementation provides a pleasant support for an engaging event and ensures that the event runs smoothly. With equipment and professionals in the right place at the right time, even unexpected situations can be dealt with effectively. There are also security issues that need to be taken into account when implementing event technology.

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