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We will prepare a complete solution for your event, built up from a number of smaller components. Our services fall into four main categories: event technology, event technologies, content production to support event communication and productised services.

Would you like to focus on the essentials instead of technical adjustments?

Event Technology

Event technologies

  • Branded digital event/webinar platform (Eventee)
    • Lander page, mobile app and in-browser event platform
    • Chat, polls and star ratings
    • Gamified networking tools
    • Participant data and integrations
    • Programme map
    • Speaker and sponsor presentations
  • Registration system and ticketing through our partners

Content to support event communication

  • Production of video, audio and photographic material to support the event
  • Event photography
  • Event graphics

Productised services

Why choose Scene Arts?


We behave in a manner befitting the value of your event, dress neatly and our equipment is presentable. We treat event attendees like our own customers. We are easy to reach.


In addition to our technical expertise, we can provide visionary audiovisual solutions and compose purposeful ensembles. We strive to understand our clients’ business in order to outline the big picture and the purpose of the event. The purpose of technology is to add value to you and your organisation.


We work with confidence. You can be confident that your event will be the highlight you deserve.

Event technology with a polite, considered and confident approach!

Event technology from us in the next steps


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We take a holistic approach to developing the technical implementation of your event.


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We take care of the implementation with courtesy, consideration and confidence. We want you to achieve your goals and make your event a highlight for everyone!


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