Opening of Veho’s new hall


Veho (client) & Wadessa (producer)

Background information on the event

The event was commissioned by Veho and produced by Wadessa, with whom we worked in practice.

Veho’s opening event was an end-of-summer evening party, with lots of atmospheric coloured lights highlighting the cars that Veho represents. The live band, the catering and the audience were elegantly accommodated in a huge workshop hall in Oritkar, Oulu.

The starting point of the production

Veho was opening a new heavy equipment branch in Oulu, and the opening event needed a stylish technical execution. The challenge was, among other things, to build an event setting that would be comfortable for the audience and make the show functional and impressive. The producer’s plans included a truck trailer with catwalks that had been converted into a stage.

Our solution

During the design phase, we provided a 3D image of the stage with lights, which allowed the producer to easily see what the whole thing could look like. The technical package we supplied and operated was quite comprehensive: a sound system sufficient for a party band, a large screen with high brightness video projectors for presentations, powerful stage lights for the performers, and dozens of coloured lights inside and outside the hall to create atmosphere and illuminate the lighter and heavier Mercedes vehicles.