ACEF 2023 circular economy event in Kemi


Kemi Circular Economy Centre

Background information on the event

How the global energy revolution is changing the way big business operates, and how can SMEs jump on board? ACEF2023 tackled the hottest topics of the year, the energy transition and the solutions offered by the circular economy.

Speakers included Petri Alava, CEO of Infinited Fiber Company, Petri Mure, Vice President of Sustainability at Outokumpu, Tomi Seppä, Director of MetsäFibre’s Kemi bioproduct plant, Jukka Vaara, CEO of Vaara Group.

The panel discussion was highlighted by Cargotec’s venture capitalist Ilkka Herlin with his thoughts on the green transition and energy transition, presented in a video produced by the Centre for Circular Economy.

Production baseline

Our client was looking for a provider of a complete technical solution for their event at Kemi Lumilinna, with a clearly structured process in terms of both technology and customer service. The forum should flow forward smoothly, the live image of the stage show should be displayed in two different modes and after production, the show should be edited into video clips.

Our solution

We provided a turnkey technical implementation for the event, including:

  • Stage
  • Microphones (presenter, performers, audience questioners, panelists)
  • Display of presentation materials and live video in a two-room presentation system (powerpoints, videos, presenter)
  • Video presentations
  • Presentation of performers’ materials and videos in the correct order
  • Preparation of a time-table for the day in cooperation with a representative of Kemi Digipolis Oy
  • Post-production of videos of the presentations