Rakettitukku vendor training as a distance learning event


Suomen Rakettitukku Oy

Background information on the event

Our client, Suomen Rakettitukku Oy, organises an annual nationwide distance learning event for hundreds of their rocket salesmen. Scene Arts acts as a partner for Rakettitukku, providing a turnkey package of event streaming, event platform and decorating the space of the client’s choice into a stylish Rakettitukku studio.

Production baseline

With the pandemic situation, Rakettitukku had to rethink the way the annual vendor training tour would be carried out, as previously the trainers toured Finland’s localities organising several events. The training sessions would have to be conducted in the new normal at a distance. In the first year, Rakettitukku organised the streaming itself, but although the implementation was successful enough, the following year it was found that a partner was needed, as organising the streaming itself is stressful and very labour intensive.

Our solution

We built a studio space in a space of the client’s choice, upholstered in black fabrics, with lights, presentation tables and cameras, the day before the event. We rehearsed the event with the client point by point, and carried out the necessary tests before the actual broadcast. During the broadcast, our three-man remote team assisted the remote participants while our studio team carried out the actual broadcast as a multi-camera production.

For two years in a row, Rakettitukku has relied on our expertise in remote delivery of vendor training, so we believe this partnership will last well into the future.