Nostos II – political conference at the Hilton Helsinki


New Direction, the foundation for European Reform

Background information on the event

Nostos II at the Hilton Helsinki Kalastajantorppa explored the uniqueness of Nordic conservatism by examining the cultural foundations of a free society in Northern Europe. The main debate in Renaissance Nordic conservatism concerns the foundations of a free society. The debate highlighted the balance between freedom and responsibility in both government and civil society.

The starting point for production

Our Belgian client was looking for a fast-track event technology provider capable of handling the sound, livestreaming, powerpoints and speech recordings for Nostos II. Our client asked us to place particular emphasis on recordings.

The event would take place in the conference rooms of the Hotel Hilton Kalastajantorpa in Helsinki.

Our solution

We provided a turnkey technical implementation of the event, including:

  • Livestreaming
  • Recording of the event
  • Wireless headset microphones
  • Operation of the in-house AV system
  • Operation of presentation materials