Fingenious (THL) hybrid event at the Helsinki Medical Centre


Helena Riihitupa Oy, PunaMusta Profilight Oy and THL (Fingenious)

Background information on the event

The Fingenious® service is provided by the Finnish Biobanking Association (FINBB), whose mission is to increase the competitiveness of Finnish health and biomedical research by providing researchers with centralised access to Finnish biobank collections and related services. FINBB is a cooperative owned by the six largest hospital districts and universities in Finland and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Fingenious aims to advance biomedical research by accelerating the search for and collection of relevant data. The service is offered to both academic and industrial researchers.

Production baseline

Helena Riihitupa Oy, which produces events for the Helsinki Medical Centre, was commissioned to organise the Fingenious hybrid event. Helena Riihitupa Oy’s long-term technical partner PunaMusta Profilight Oy proposed Scene Arts’ hybrid event­service package for the event.

The production would include live technology operation, livestreaming for the Fingenius YouTube channel and a subtitled recording.

Our solution

We implemented the event technology in its entirety, including:

  • Livestreaming to YouTube
  • Subtitles of the recording
  • Audio production
  • Operation of the in-house video projector
  • Presentation technology