AV technical speaker training

Speakers, trainers and performers need training in AV techniques. The most common challenges relate to the use of microphones, the functionality of presentations and the planning of events with remote participants.

Speakers, trainers and performers need training in AV techniques. For example, when starting a new project, it is easy to find that the people in charge of the project end up presenting or training a large audience. This new situation is not just a question of professional skills in the subject matter, as a whole new set of presentation skills is suddenly required. Even an exciting situation is made easier by mastering the techniques involved in presenting. It may even be a necessity for successful communication.

The most common challenges

The most common challenges relate to the use of microphones, the functionality of presentationsand the planning of events with remote participants.


There are a surprising number of small, but so very important, things about using a microphone that its user should know. For example, if a wireless boom mic is taken too far away from the mouth, the sensitivity of the mic has to be increased and the amount of other unnecessary noise in the sound system increases.

Presentation materials

By far the biggest challenge for presentation materials is the misjudgement of visibility. The content is simply too small and the audience’s attention is drawn to poor legibility. In addition, no account may have been taken of the fact that the colours designed on the screen of a working machine may not be reproduced on the screen particularly well and with sufficient contrast.

External technical services

Experience has shown that when ordering external technical services for an event with remote participants, the buyer may not know exactly what to ask or expect. It is also challenging to assess where to cut corners and what is critical to success.

What are the benefits of AV technical speaker training?

  1. Self-confidence is the key to success. When you know how to actually hold the microphone and know your presentation is impressive, you can focus and feel you belong on stage.
  2. Saving money is easier when you know what you’re ordering and know how to ask for the right kind of remote event delivery. You’re likely to get a clearer quote and the price effect can be quite positive for you.
  3. Standing out from the crowd is not that difficult, as these challenges are quite common. Mastering a few key tricks can significantly increase the impact of your organisation.
  4. Employee satisfaction will increase if your employer provides useful training to its employees who perform in front of people and organise events. It’s a great way to show that your organisation wants to support professionals in their work towards even greater excellence.
  5. Quite simply, better events have a positive impact on participants, organisers, partners and other stakeholders, leaving you and your organisation with a professional image.

Scene Arts launches AV-focused speaker training

Scene Arts is launching a performer and speaker training course to meet the challenges outlined above. We are looking for companies and organisations to pilot the training at a reduced price. If you are interested, please contact us!

Inquire about the possibility to participate in piloting the training – contact us!