Streaming of the rafting competition, LED screen and drone aerial view


Municipality of Ii

Background information on the event

After a break of a few years, the 2023 King’s Jock competition was held again at Raasakkakoski in Ii.

In a race with a strong historical tradition, the participants made their way down the sparkling rapids towards the finish line, while the public watched from the shore.

Production start

The event organisers wanted to broadcast the action-packed events of the raft race on a large LED screen to bring the excitement closer to the spectators on the beach. They also wanted the races to be streamed on Kaleva Live and there would be several angles to choose from. The conditions would be challenging to say the least.

Our solution

We implemented the event technically as a turnkey solution, including for example:

  • Streaming of the rafting competition as a high quality multi-camera production for remote participants
  • An LED screen on which we ran live video clips for the on-site audience
  • A sound solution
  • Real-time live video wirelessly with a drone
  • Sophisticated production team and pre-production work