Comprehensive implementation of the Resta seminar event­technique


Resta seminar (Teräskoukku SH Oy)

Background information on the event

The Resta seminar is produced by Teräskoukku SH Oy.

Resta Seminar is a customer event organised by six suppliers to the restaurant industry (Hartwall, Atria, E. Ahlström, Electrolux Professional, Norex and Valio), which has become the most important annual gathering in the industry in its 37-year history. The event brings together hospitality companies, supplier partners, educational institutions and an advocacy organisation for two days of networking and learning. Individuals will benefit in terms of professional peer support, learning, skills and perspective broadening. In turn, organisations will raise their profile, share best practice, grow with partners and broaden their understanding of social phenomena and trends.

Production baseline

The annual multi-day Resta seminar needed an event technology partner capable of meeting its diverse technical needs. The event would require several different venues in the chosen hotel (Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara) in Rovaniemi. It was clear from the first phone call that the event producer needed a technical team that was easy to get along with. They wanted the equipment to be clean. In addition, the whole package had to be available from the same place on a turnkey basis.

Our solution

The implementation of an event always starts with the space, including the technology. So the very first thing we did was to visit the premises together. Based on the initial palaver, we planned the technical implementation of the event in its entirety. The production included sound systems, wireless mics, remote speakers, food lighting, technical needs for musical performances, and taking care of the fixed technology in the auditorium.