Kolmas Polvi Oy launch event in the old premises of the Bank of Finland


Kolmas Polvi

Background information on the event

Kolmas Polvi is a new northern marketing agency that makes local marketing a new superpower by increasing the local desirability of brands and bringing them closer to people. The agency creates local heroics, wherever the market is. The company is part of the Kaleva Media Group.

The starting point for production

The production was started in a somewhat secretive atmosphere, as the name and brand colours, for example, had not been released to outsiders, of course. The launch event would take place in the old marble premises of the Bank of Finland and lighting would play a key role. The event also required a powerful video projector, DJ technology, presentation equipment and, above all, a cooperative production team.

Our solution

We implemented the following for the event:

  • Julkisivuvalaistus, pankin edustan kaltereiden valaisu
  • Tunnelmavalaistus
  • Äänentoisto (puhe, ja DJ)
  • Videoprojisointi
  • Presentaatiotekniikka
  • Kohtelias tuotantotiimi